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Variator kit Stage6 Sport PRO


Variator kit Stage6 Sport PRO

En rupture d'inventaire

UGS: S6-5816601 (P449) 4051272228193 Catégories: , ,

Description du produit

The variator Stage6 pro is adapted to be used with a cylinder 50cc and an exhaust-gas system Stage6 ProReplica. He(it) was mainly developed and optimized for a use with cylinders sports 70cc as stage6 streetrace or still Stage6 Sport pro.

The back of the variator and the taxiways are in hard cover maos not the surface of rotation. It reduces the life expectancy(cycle) on the other hand the increased coefficients of friction end in a better performance.

Besides, the cover cannot flake contrary to the surfaces of rotation chrome-plated hard, what would lead(drive) to a faster wear or same the break of the belt. The kit was included the variator with cartridge, the plate(patch) defers with cover with low(weak) friction, holds, a set of rollers

Information supplémentaire

Poids 3 kg


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