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Cylinder kit Stage6 SPORT PRO 70cc MKII 12mm LC


Cylinder kit Stage6 SPORT PRO 70cc MKII 12mm LC

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The aluminum cylinder Stage6 Sport Pro 70cc is good and affordable(accessible) one roll which was popular with numerous tuners. With their new MKII, Stage6 sees a little farther. A quite new design including new ports(bearings) of transfer which can welcome 2 ch furthermore and which with the good components can achieve between 15 and 17ch. The appearance is based on the pentagonale shape of the cylinders R / T. The used piston(valve) is a retort(replica) of the version R / T with a crown in the shape of dome and a curve of 0,8 mm to increase the performances and improve the thermal stability. Stage6 is sure that this cylinder will establish new standards in the scene(stage) car tuning. (Axis of 10mm)

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