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Cylinder Kit Stage6 R/T 70cc 12mm LC


Cylinder Kit Stage6 R/T 70cc 12mm LC

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UGS : S6-7516602 Catégories : , , ,

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The cylinder which beaten all the records! He(it) established best times in the cup(cutting) Open of Italy and also beat 6 seconds it drag of scooter. The bore 47,6 mm returns him(it) in compliance with the rules(rulers) of most of the races(shopping) 70cc. The modular construction patented allows a fast assembly(editing) of the cylinder different low-driving by using adapters. The waterproofness enters the adaptatrice plate(patch) and the cylinder is realized by a torique joint in Viton, what returns the boring cleaning of the surfaces of waterproofness and the replacement of the useless joints. The construction of the cylinder 70cc R/T does not use studs, so that the conception(design) of the ports(bearings) of escape and transfer is not subjected(submitted) to the limitations of the esapcement weak(weakness) stud minarelli. A particular attention was carried(worn)

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