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Cylinder kit Polini CORSA 70cc


Cylinder kit Polini CORSA 70cc

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UGS: 166.0076/R Catégories: , ,

Description du produit

The Corsa is one roll mid-race 70cc offered by Polini with a port(bearing) of escape polite and increased further to the primary compression until 2-3 hp with regard to(compared with) the other cylinders 70cc standard. The piston(valve) is provided with a chromium and with a piston ring in grey cast iron. To be capable of exploiting(running) the full power, the cylinder must be used in conjunction with an exhaust-gas system sport, or still with an escape of running(race) as Polini ForRace, Voca sabotage or still Yasuni C16. It is also necessary to use a carburetor of in the moin 17,5mm to assure(insure) an internal cooling sufficient(self-important). (Axis of 10mm)

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