Electric scooters make mobility easier. These little sisters of motorcycles, are able to solve everyday mobility without much fuss, but in an ecological, modern and efficient way.

The electric scooter has the advantage of solving mobility problems with agility and comfort. The design of the scooter makes it suitable for moving around the city or for short distances, as it is easy to operate and has no major difficulties. Furthermore, being electric, they are the right choice for those who are concerned about their environmental footprint when choosing a product.

Electric scooters are much less expensive than motorcycle prices, with the advantage that they require minimal maintenance. In addition, because of the rise in popularity in international markets, and the increase in their use, they have diversified their models.

Despite being small, the range of electric scooters is wide and allows, easily solve the problems of displacement and there are even exclusive designs of three and four wheels to solve problems of reduced mobility.

Advantages of electric scooters

Electric scooters are a step forward in modernity, solving the problems of mobility and pollution. Due to their low cost in use, they are an excellent alternative, and by avoiding the consumption of fossil fuel they contribute to the quality of life on the planet in a unique way.

Thanks to its constant demand, there is a great diversity of brands and spare parts for electric scooters, and as they are electric, their parts are much efficient and the change is minimal.

In addition, because of its compact design, the taxes you have to pay for an electric scooter are much more friendly compared to other types of vehicles.

The electric scooters also integrate other advantages, such as:

  • Extra space in the trunk under the seat
  • Savings when comparing electricity consumption with fossil fuel consumption
  • Minimal ecological footprint
  • Easy maintenance
  • Quiet driving

Types of scooters

The range of electric scooters is wide and meets the most diverse needs. From the simple scooters for home travel to the more sophisticated ones that integrate the latest in technology and luxury.

For example, the traditional scooter, which is very similar to the motorcycle, varies from it by its cylinder, which does not exceed 50 cc. Because they are light, easy to handle and have minimum speeds, they are suitable for starting out in this world on two wheels.

There is also the three-wheeled electric scooter, ideal for safe and stable driving, while still feeling the freedom to enjoy the scenery. In this range some designs integrate a comfortable chair and integrate a rear basket to accommodate the load.

There are also the four-wheeled scooters, which are easy to handle as they have a swivelling arch to ensure mobility even in narrow places. And, for an added bonus, this model can be fitted with a canvas roof that provides protection without adding weight to the vehicle, or it can be fully enclosed.

Electric scooters primarily serve the functions of urban mobility by achieving speeds of up to 50 kilometers per hour, and their charge allows up to seven hours of driving time. There are also scooters designed for long trips, which can travel up to 110 kilometers, and are driven at higher speeds.

Maintenance of electric scooters

Electric scooters, like any other vehicle, require preventive and corrective maintenance. However, it is much easier to carry out such maintenance on them.  First, it is important to identify where the battery, oil and brakes are located; none of this is a big deal.

In general, scooter batteries should be protected from exposure, and it is important to check them frequently. To prolong their life, it is important to park them indoors, so that they are not exposed to sudden changes in temperature.