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3 Wheelers

Designed to help people with reduced mobility who want a sporty looking vehicle

Mobility Scooter

Designed to help people with reduced mobility who want increased stability 

Electric Scooters

Designed for people who want to travel long distances or travel several times a day

Gas Scooters

Designed for people who want to move ecologically from point A to point B

Electric bike

Designed for people who want to exercise with a little help 

Kick Scooter

A simple, easy and fast way to travel short distances

3 wheeler or mobility scooter?

In practice, the 3 wheeler differs from an electric bicycle in its shape and size, and is more like a vehicle for people with reduced mobility. It still retains many of the characteristics of an electric scooter, including its maximum speed of 32 km/h, its handlebars and its hand brakes. For this reason, the scooter is appreciated by many, since it is more efficient and therefore more fun than a scooter.

The mobility scooter is a small electric vehicle for people with reduced mobility. Equipped with 4 wheels, the motor power can vary between 250W and 2000W, while the maximum speed varies between 8 km/h and 25 km/h. The quadriporter is almost always equipped with a transport basket, either in the front or in the back. The larger models are often the most comfortable, however, they may be less practical for indoor use only, due to the larger dimensions.
The smaller models can usually be disassembled into a few pieces so that they can be easily transported in a vehicle from one place to another. On the other hand, since the size is smaller, they often have smaller wheels and are less ideal for outdoor use.

Electric or gas scooter?

It all depends on how it will be used. The gasoline scooter is a small, registered recreational vehicle, and as such, it can travel in traffic. However, it is not allowed to travel on highways and expressways.  The gas scooter allows you to travel longer distances and use the roads. It is therefore a fast and efficient means of transportation, which offers a very good autonomy at low cost. The electric scooter, on the other hand, is considered an assisted bicycle. This means of transportation allows you to move on bike paths and roadsides. This vehicle is not registered and therefore does not run in traffic.
Thus, the electric scooter is practical for short distance trips (+70km on a battery charge) and for the low cost. You don’t need plates, no insurance, no license and no gas! To conclude, if you are hesitating between buying a gas scooter or an electric scooter, you need to think about 3 things first: Your travel needs, the distance you think you need/want to travel and the costs involved.

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