Life in the city can be a bit complicated, especially when it comes to getting around. Traffic can be a headache for any driver of cars and other heavy vehicles.

However, an ideal alternative for comfortable and light transportation on the streets are electric scooters. Small, resistant, fast and pleasant, these vehicles allow you to move around the streets without major difficulties and in the open air.

And unlike the thermal scooters, the electric ones are more ecological, economic and allow to avoid the traffic. If you are interested in them, you are in the right place, because we, La Scootershop, will give you some tips and advice to choose the best electric scooter in the market.

Consider your needs

When choosing the best electric scooter, you should do so according to your needs, taking into account certain aspects such as power, weight, handling or time of use. Other details that you should also consider are savings, comfort, ecological interest, quality and price.

Each user has different specific needs, but you have to consider yours as a priority, according to the trip you will make (in kilometers), how much time you will spend (daily or weekly) and, above all, your budget (of expense and investment, both in repairs and energy).

Prioritize efficiency and power according to regulations

To choose an electric scooter, you have to carefully check the category. Scooters are classified into two main categories:

Category L1 of 50 cc

The 50 cc models have a power that does not exceed 4000 W and their speed is 45 km/h. They are recommended for urban environments and are allowed on public roads.

Category L3 of 125 cc

The 125 cc models have a power of more than 4000 W and exceed 50 km/h. They are recommended for extra-urban environments. They require a special driving license.

Therefore, we recommend that you consult the administrative regulations, according to the categories and driving licenses by age and power of the electric scooter.

Check the battery technology

Look first at the KW storage capacity of your scooter. We recommend batteries with lithium-ion technology (Li-ion), as these offer more energy performance, facilitate recharging and increase the autonomy more than other chemical models, such as aluminum nickel.

You should also check that the manufacturer is recognized and original for the quality (Samsung, Panasonic, etc.). Another important detail to look at is the electronic management system (BMS) and the charging process, according to your interests.

If you will use your scooter frequently or intensively, it is better to opt for a double removable battery, which can be taken out of the scooter and charged like a cell phone, and then put it back in. If you will be using your scooter occasionally, we recommend a fixed battery that requires a direct plug in.

Another detail to consider is the mileage of your scooter: whether it is used or new, and the consumption of the battery according to the distance travelled. You can get advice from a technician, but also take into account the type of environment and space in which you will be using your scooter (whether it is urban or semi-urban).

In addition, depending on your driving style, whether it is fast or slow, also estimate and ask for the battery’s charging time, and how fast the charge runs out. It is good to compare between different models at your convenience.

The right handling and wheel size for your experience

In this section it will depend on how well you know how to manoeuvre a scooter. If you are experienced, you can choose an electric scooter with lighter but less stable small wheels. If you are a first-time driver, we recommend a scooter with large, wide wheels for greater stability and comfort.

In both cases, the ride should be constant and convenient to move around, and, above all, you should consider your comfort when driving on the streets, for your own safety. You should also consider weather factors, such as wind, rain and how they affect the stability of the scooter.

Check the condition of the moving components

It is a priority to check the condition of the tires, brakes and suspension, i.e. the moving parts that wear out. These parts of the scooter should be changed regularly, as in any vehicle. In addition, they are vital for your personal safety when driving.

We recommend that when you buy an electric scooter you ask for a physical test in motion, so that you can check the quality of the brakes and suspensions.

Check the quality of the manufacture

A really important aspect is that you check the quality of the assembly and chassis of the scooter. It also depends on the performance, weight and rigidity you choose, but you must make sure that the frame is well secured, that it is resistant and that it is well welded.

Usually the frame is made of steel alloys, chrome, aluminum, and other compounds. You should also make sure that the electronic components are protected with a waterproof coating, as they are very sensitive to water.

Finally, and this depends on your taste, check the level of finish of the plastic and decorative parts. Although this does not directly affect the performance of the electric scooter, it is a relevant detail to evaluate the price and appearance of the scooter.

Evaluate the integrated accessories

One vital thing that guarantees a good purchase of a scooter is the list of accessories with which they are equipped. The latest models integrate wifi, Bluetooth and other new features. Similarly, it would be ideal to check that your scooter has a friendly board that manages the electronic systems.

It is absolutely necessary that your scooter has an anti-theft system connected to a mobile application or a GPS tracker. And if you want to have fun, an entertainment system, good speakers and a touch screen would be the most advisable.

Value comfort

A relevant point, when choosing a model, has to be the driving comfort. You should make sure that your scooter is spacious enough for you, that it is equipped with hydraulic shock absorbers and swing arms at the front and rear, for more stability.

Depending on the manufacturer, some offer adjustable suspension components to match your scooter to the load, weight and road conditions, or to minimize vibrations on the road. Tire width and fork shape also influence comfort and performance.

Choose the look of your model

In this section, you must choose according to your criteria the models that you like in terms of design, color and appearance. There are many brands with different models, from the most classic to the most modern, and it is up to you to choose the one that best suits your taste and personality.

Check the condition, price and brand

To choose a definitive model, you should look at the condition and condition of the scooter, whether it is new or used. Of course, it is recommended that you buy from an agency or store that has several brands, but if you are buying a used scooter, it is better to have it checked by a professional technician.

On the other hand, the brand and price will be subject to your budget and needs, but we advise you not to sacrifice quality for quantity, because a vehicle is a big commitment. Better buy something of good quality, even if it’s expensive.

Therefore, it is wise to choose a brand that offers a good product with a clear and fair warranty policy. Generally, the prices of electric scooters at La Scootershop range from $500 to $3000, where you can find a variety of models.

Finally, and with these tips given, you will have a broader and more objective criteria to know how to choose the best electric scooter, according to your needs and possibilities, so you can check both the mechanical section and the appearance, brand and comfort you are looking for.

We also advise you to consult and approach the official distributors, where professionals can give you a better explanation about the models of the electric scooter you prefer.