In recent years, electric scooters have become a very good option as a means of transportation because their style offers comfort, economy and a modern look. In this article, I will show you three of the best electric scooters whose style is sure to satisfy the most demanding tastes.

Predator, the electric scooter that brings you comfort

Predator 2019 electric scooter is highly regarded for its technical features and attractive and practical design. The Predator electric scooter is strong, sturdy and comfortable. It is equipped with six 12V, 22-amp batteries with Graphene Chilwee Black Gold (high quality) for a range of 70KM.

This scooter supports a total weight of 250 pounds, has an alarm system, and the battery charging time is 8 hours. The Predator is the ideal scooter for you.

Denali electric scooter, the most awaited style of 2020

The Denali 2020 electric scooter has a sophisticated and practical design; it is comfortable and has a reinforced suspension.

Denali is The Scootershop’s proposal for you to move around the city in style, while taking care of the environment, because the Denali electric scooter is equipped with five 12V, 22AH batteries with Graphene Chilwee Black Gold, with a range of 55 kilometers.

This electric scooter supports an approximate weight of 200 pounds, has Bluetooth, a heated handle, an alarm system and a safe. It is available in light and dark grey.

Electric scooter Retro, the vintage style you’ve been looking for

The Retro 2019 electric scooter has a 500W/72V engine and six 12V batteries. This model is very appreciated by lovers of vintage style, it is a model very similar to the gasoline Vespa. The Retro electric scooter is an economic and ecological means of transport that has an alarm system, heated handles and a safety box. It also supports up to 250 pounds of weight and is available in three colors: steel blue, beige and black.

The range of this electric scooter is about 70 kilometers. Retro is style, economy and comfort.

The electric scooters are practical, economical and attractive vehicles thanks to their design; furthermore, they provide you with comfort and savings while caring for the environment due to their low level of noise pollution and zero CO2 emissions.

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