Electric scooters, like any other vehicle, require maintenance. The advantage is that you can give your own preventive maintenance.

For safety, to extend its life, the maintenance of electric scooters is a priority, so as La Scooter Shop we recommend the following steps:

  • Watch the battery: the battery of the electric scooters must be maintained because they can present more failures than those of a vehicle.

If they are exposed to the weather, the battery may fail more due to changes in temperature.

Always try to park it under a roof, remember that in winter temperatures drop quickly and can deteriorate it.

Always check when you switch on your electric scooter that the lights are not dimmed. This is the first sign that they are losing power.

If you are going to stop using your scooter for several days, disconnect the battery to extend its life.

  • Check the tires: this is essential. Even if you make short trips, you should not only change the tires when they are worn out. Check them for leaks.
  • Check the oil levels: this seems obvious, but is often forgotten. Also, make sure you always check the area where you park your electric scooter for oil drops. You can also check the shock absorber, if it leaks it may be missing oil.

Depending on the use, the oil change is done every one or two years, if you have any doubts you can ask us about it.

  • Check the brakes: this is essential. Brake fluid leaks from your electric scooter can be noticed on the discs, so consider checking them if they are too worn, or if they make a noise when braking.

If you have a leak, level out the brake fluids and call us for a check-up.

As professionals, we recommend a brake fluid change every two years if your use is not so intense.

  • Clean it: always keep your electric scooter Not only will you maintain the bodywork and extend its life, but you will also be able to detect possible damage when it is barely noticeable.

Where to perform the maintenance of the electric scooter?

The electric scooters will need more professional maintenance. As use may require a change of parts or maintenance.

In La Scooter Shop you will not only find a wide range of scooters, we also have a variety of accessories and of course the maintenance service if you need something more advanced.

Our technical team is able to make your gas or electric scooter look like a new addition to your store.

Schedule your appointment with our team, we are aware of the importance of providing efficient and fast service.

Schedule your electric scooter maintenance or repair, our services include the repair and maintenance of two and four wheeled scooters.

In addition, for your convenience we offer a pickup and delivery service. You don’t have to come to us, we come to you.

Does your electric scooter‘s battery fail? Let us check. Sometimes extreme temperatures can affect it, but in any case, we will check to give you an effective diagnosis.

We are also experts in ultrasonic carburetor cleaning and focusing. Perform your preventive maintenance with us: oil change, spark plug, air filter, gas filter, brakes, to name the main ones.

If you need it, we can support you by giving you an estimate of physical damage due to an accident. Our precise diagnostics will allow us to solve your doubts in an efficient way.

If you are about to acquire an electric scooter, we can also advise you on the purchase.

Save time and money, schedule your maintenance service with us.

We also have must repair service for Tgb, Yamaha, Pgo and Adly brands.

At La Scooter Shop, you will also find safe and affordable helmets, lock chains and disc locks, protective clothing, battery chargers, weather protection canvas, genuine spare parts, and more.