Are you in the dilemma of choosing between an electric scooter or a gasoline motorcycle? It’s time to clarify your doubts.

An electric scooter is an excellent alternative for solving mobility problems mainly over short distances.

Do you need to cross 7 blocks in a few minutes? The electric scooter will certainly be a good choice. It allows you to move easily because it is lighter than conventional motorcycles.

In addition, recent models of electric scooters reach speeds of up to 70 kilometers per hour and their gas emissions are minimal, so if you need to move a little further, no problem.

Another plus point of an electric scooter is the ease of handling. The electric scooter has an easier speed transmission to implement.

A gasoline powered scooter, on the other hand, has a manual transmission that requires more skill.

Whether you need to move short distances or longer distances, the electric scooter will meet your needs.

Electric scooters also have the advantage of being very economical in terms of electricity. One charge can last up to 8 hours.

In terms of investment, you will find it much more economical to use an electric scooter than a motorcycle.

In comparative terms, the cost is about 70% more for a gasoline motorcycle than an electric scooter.

A very important factor is that if you use an electric scooter you don’t need a license plate to drive it.

As La Scooter Shop we are aware of the importance of taking care of your pocket. That’s why we offer you a wide inventory of new and used scooters at a good price

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Where can I find an electric scooter?

In La Scooter Shop. We specialize in new and used electric scooters. In addition, we provide you with various services such as maintenance or sale of accessories.

If you still can’t decide between an electric scooter and a gasoline motorcycle, please visit us.

Our goal is to provide you with functional equipment where you feel safe and efficient in solving your mobility problems.

For your peace of mind we can provide you with a quote for the electric scooter that you want, or you can schedule an appointment so we can answer your questions directly.

You can also request information on financing.

But we do not only solve your mobility problems in the city, we are complete. Ask about our special three- and four-wheeled scooters.

These electric scooters are designed to solve the mobility problems of people who have lost their autonomy of movement or are very reduced.

Our range of three and four-wheeled scooters is colorful, diversified, but above all very comfortable.

It also integrates other advantages such as having space to transport objects, they are comfortable, in addition to providing a safe movement.

Electric scooters have many advantages. Economy, autonomy, ease of handling, are just a few.

You can visit us, or you can see them in detail. For its maintenance do not worry, we can provide it.

In addition, our team of professionals stands out for providing you with timely solutions. Solving your mobility is one of our priorities.